Here comes the Overpriced, Rebadged BMW X2 Mini Paceman

Because why let a mediocre platform go to waste?

With the BMW 2-Series already gaining an Active Tourer model andother series getting unnecessary GT and X models (like the X4 and X6), why notadd a “sport-activity-coupe” called the X2 to lure a few more buyers intoBimmer showrooms? According to Bimmerpost, BMW has just confirmed that it will builda second-generation X1-based model called the X2. Unlike the X4 and X6, it willbe offered in both three and five-door models.

The X2 sport activity coupe will come with a standard xDriveall-wheel drive system. The model should share its engine lineup with the nextX1, and will be released during 2017. It will be built on the next Mini Paceman’splatform and probably share many of its characteristics, but expect BMW-worthypricing on the model range.

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