Here is How Helping Tow Someone Can Totally Backfire

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If you're going to tow help tow someone, make sure you're truck is up to snuff.

This is the type of video that just breaks your heart. In it, a young Ford truck owner has his heart in the right place as he comes to the aid of the a Dodge pickup owner who has become lodged on a hill.Unfortunately what the good Samaritan did not have in place was his experience in this type of situation. This becomes immediately evident when he guns it in reverse, causing him to rip off his bumper and sheer the entire front frame. He then goes on to proclaim "Well that's what you do with these straps, you just go".

The gentleman recording the video politely explained that the mistaken Ford driver how he should have proceeded. He was a bit less polite at the 17 second mark when he so matter-of-factly stated "That was one of the stupidest things I've ever seen!"

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