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UPDATE: Baby Bronco Spied Before You're Supposed To See It

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Thanks to some poorly timed photos from a Ford dealership meeting.

The wait is finally over! After Ford announced the return of the Ranger pickup truck and Bronco SUV, the internet became awash with renderings of what the Bronco could look like. Now, thanks to an unlikely source, we finally know what the 2020 Ford Bronco will actually look like, or at least, that is what we initially thought.

UPDATE: A keen-eyed reader of Bronco6G.com noticed a very interesting detail in one of the images. The side profile shot actually shows a silhouette of a larger vehicle behind it. This is because the vehicle being shown to dealers at the meeting is not actually the full-size Bronco, but is instead the rumored "baby" Bronco.

According to Off-Road.com, these "leaked" photos actually come from Ford itself. The company held a dealership meeting in Las Vegas where some not-so-car-savvy photographer at the event snapped these photos when the baby Bronco was being presented to dealers. The photos were originally found on a publicly accessible part of Ford's website, so someone is about to get in some big trouble.

We only have three photos of the baby Bronco - a front profile, a side profile, and an angled view. Luckily, this gives us enough of a look around the car, though the rear end is still a bit of a mystery. The front fascia features round LED headlights that pay homage to the original Bronco's round lights. Like the F-150 Raptor, the grille features the word 'Ford' spelled out in big letters. We think it looks properly aggressive.

The side profile also looks fairly aggressive with very squared off lines. There is also an interesting character line running across the doors, breaking up the flat surface. Ford has also included a white roof option, which simultaneously pays homage to the original Bronco and follows a current industry trend.

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Even though we have now seen the baby Bronco, there are several details we still don't know, such as what will sit under the hood. Rumors estimate the full-size Bronco could use a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, though the baby Bronco's engine will likely be a four-cylinder. Based on the photos, the baby Bronco appears to be more of a compact crossover, while the full-size Bronco will be much larger. The images only show a four-door version, so we aren't sure if a two-door model will join it. We will still have to wait to know all of the details, but getting to see the baby Bronco before its official reveal is a nice treat.

UPDATE: A credible source from Bronco6G says "Bronco" will actually be a new sub-brand from Ford, with the main Bronco we've been waiting for acting as the flagship model. The leaked model in the photos will be an affordable crossover, likely positioned against the Jeep Renegade. Ford has yet to reveal a name for this smaller Bronco model, though it should arrive within a few months of the larger, flagship model.