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Here Is The Secret To Getting A Free Lexus LS 500 F Sport

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Just be a celebrity?

Celebrities are pretty fortunate in life. In addition to having the funds to buy incredible car collections and even one-off supercars, some celebrities are given free cars just to help promote a brand. We have seen automakers like McLaren give away free cars just to get some publicity, and now Lexus is jumping in on the action. Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy) is a famous comedian who has also gained a following as a car collector who mainly specializes in Volkswagens.

Fluffy sent out a tweet to Lexus saying "Hey @Lexus it's late and can't sleep. I'm looking at ur new GSF sport. I really like this car My b-day is on the 15th... just saying #FluffyLexus." Apparently, he didn't realize that he sent out a picture of an LS 500 F Sport, not a GS F.

Seeing a PR opportunity, Lexus tweeted back a picture of an LS 500 F Sport with the license plate #FluffyLexus and the caption "#FluffyLexus has a nice ring to it. We think you'd look great in this LS F Sport, don't you? ^MG." After a few back and forths on Twitter, Lexus shipped out a white 2018 LS 500 F Sport to Houston, Texas on Iglesias' birthday. Iglesias is now the proud owner of an LS 500 for one year, as Lexus has included a one-year lease on the car.

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The LS 500 will join Fluffy's collection which includes several Volkswagen busses, a 1950 Beetle, and several awesome muscle cars. An LS 500 F Sport starts at $81,000, so this was a pretty significant gift of the part of Lexus. Perhaps you can try to tweet at Lexus for a free car. Unfortunately, we doubt it will work unless you are a celebrity.