Here Is When The Next Ford Maverick Will Arrive

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Ford's popular little truck is already getting a major refresh.

The Ford Maverick compact pickup truck launched as a 2022 model and we're now hearing the second generation could launch for the 2028 model year. The news comes from AutoForecast Solutions but, as expected, the Blue Oval itself has nothing to say on the matter. The timing of the second-gen Maverick makes sense.

The current model is based on the C2 platform, which entered production for 2018. This front-wheel-drive-based architecture also underpins the Bronco Sport, Escape, and the overseas-only fourth-generation Focus.

This latest report claims the next Maverick will continue to use the C2 platform but we expect it will be updated to some extent. The upcoming Escape EV, however, is expected to receive a dedicated EV platform, thus possibly ruling out (for now) the arrival of a fully electrified Maverick. A Maverick Lightning EV would also require a different platform.

2023 Ford Maverick Side Angle Driving Ford 2023 Ford Maverick Rear Angle View Ford 2023 Ford Maverick Cargo Capacity Ford
2023 Ford Maverick Side Angle Driving
2023 Ford Maverick Rear Angle View
2023 Ford Maverick Cargo Capacity

The second-gen Maverick will probably begin series production in early April 2027 at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico, where the current Maverick and Bronco Sport are manufactured. The report indicates the next Maverick will continue to be built there until 2033, meaning a Maverick EV is still several years out.

Meanwhile, the current Maverick remains on schedule for a mid-cycle refresh in 2024 for the 2025 model year. Details about what to expect are non-existent at this time but we predict the usual exterior and interior design enhancements and several software upgrades.

Trunk Space Ford Maximum Trunk Space Ford Top View Ford
Trunk Space
Maximum Trunk Space
Top View

Ford hit a sales and marketing homerun with the Maverick when it launched last year. Demand was, and continues to be, extremely high as the Blue Oval races to keep the assembly line moving. Dealership markups have also been prevalent, unfortunately. Order banks for the 2023 Maverick have already closed and Ford recently sent dealers a memo on how to help customers receive their Mavericks faster, but only for those who have confirmed orders.

Like every automaker, Ford is hoping the semiconductor chip supply crisis will continue to diminish as we head into the New Year. Industry analysts predict the supply chain situation will be mostly resolved by the end of 2023. Until then, hopeful Maverick customers will need to secure their spot in line months ahead of expected delivery.

2023 Ford Maverick Dashboard Ford Cup Holder Ford Underfloor Storage Ford
2023 Ford Maverick Dashboard
Cup Holder
Underfloor Storage
Source Credits: AutoForecast Solutions

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