Here is Where Audi R8s Are Born

Come for an exclusive tour of Quattro GmbH.

In 2006, Audi changed the definition of a supercar forever when it introduced the R8. Why and how was the R8 so different from other mid-engined high-performance machines from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini? The R8 was designed and engineered to be a truly useful daily driver. It didn’t take off on you when hitting the gas and it had appropriate manners while driving around town. Yes, it shared its basic underpinnings with the Lamborghini Gallardo, but the R8 was more refined in comparison.

It also looked incredible and forced Ferrari to up its game in this segment (the 458 Italia was the answer). As the end date for the current R8 approaches, Leo Parente from the Drive Network was given an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Quattro GmbH, the place where R8s are born.

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