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Here Is Why The BMW M2 CS' Interior Will Disappoint Fans

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Don't look inside if you're hoping to find any modern luxury features.

Even though BMW has yet to reveal the M2 CS, it almost feels as if the car has already been released and is roaming the streets snuffing out the hopes and dreams of AMGs and even its own relative, the M4. That may be because we've recently caught the car testing in what appears to be a camouflaged production-ready body, complete with muscular lines and carbon fiber used to make the hood, roof, mirror caps, and gurney flap.

Or maybe it's because many of the allegedly finalized specs for the M2 CS have already been leaked out, including the 450 horsepower its engine will supposedly to send to the rear wheels, the six-speed manual and seven-speed dual clutch gearbox options, or even the Active M Suspension that will apparently be on the production car.

And though we still have yet to see how the car will actually drive, the M2 CS already feels about as familiar to us as the M2. But what we hadn't seen until now is the car's interior. Thanks to our spy photographers' wits, however, that last M2 CS secret is now on display for the world to see.

Because this M2 CS test mule wears a dark interior color scheme, our initial impression is to say that BMW seems to have put business first and comfort and pleasure second on the M2 CS' list of priorities. This car's interior is not just spartan, it's painfully dull. The only real pieces of eye candy are the M colored-stitching seen on the M seats and center console and a red starter button to the right of the steering wheel.

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Aside from that, the M2 CS' cabin looks dated, boasting the look of the current 2 Series that's been on sale since 2014. Other than the stitching, the only real difference seems to be the Alcantara wrapping on the steering wheel, which will likely be an optional feature when the M2 CS goes on sale in 2020 after its September reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

When the M2 CS does hit the market, expect it to be highly limited, with only 2,200 units rumored to be available. The car could be followed by a lightweight version of the M2 bearing the CSL moniker, marking the end of the F22 2 Series before its replacement hits the reveal stage.