Here Is Your First Look At The Bugatti Chiron In The Wild

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A grainy look is better than no look, right?

Volkswagen's most prestigious brand, Bugatti, is finally flourishing again. The Veyron was a success, even if it didn't bring in the most profit. It redefined the brand and raised the bar in automotive speed. That was news around a decade ago, though, and now it is time for something new. Bugatti has promised us a 280-mph beast that will dwarf the Veyron's performance in that department. Is that going to be the Bugatti Chrion? Quite possibly. It won't be revealed for a while, but here we have the first look at what looks to be a testing prototype.

The single photo looks purposefully horrible-even a cell phone pic would have turned out far better than this. Although we cannot see much, the body shape and grille look pretty similar to the Veyron. The photo was taken at the Los Angeles airport, possibly released by Bugatti itself. Could this prototype be headed to the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance just five hours away from the airport? Possibly, but if it does, it surely won't be available for public viewing. This grainy picture may be the first of several teases of the new beast. And with a promised record top speed, Bugatti's new creation may raise the bar yet again.

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