Here It Is: BHP Project Presents Blue Carbon One:1

Is this the best looking Koenigsegg out there?

Afew months back, we told you about the work being carried out on BHP Project'sone-off Koenigsegg One:1, a unique unit with an outstanding blue carbonfinish. Now, the car has finally been completed and is being proudly presentedby the guys at BHP. And with its blue tinted carbon fiber, combined withtraditional black carbon and triple-layered pearlescent white stripes, theycertainly have a lot to show off. If you ask us, this manic Swedishhypercar has never looked better.

Beyond the obvious blue finishes, the car maintains some of the originalblack carbon fiber on several exterior parts, including its wing mirrors, roof androof scoop, rear wing and hood. Inside, blue and black leather and exposedcarbon fiber complement the exterior look. Like all One:1s, this exampleproduces 1 Megawatt (or 1,341 horsepower) of unbridled power and a perfectpower to weight ratio. If it couldn't be any rarer, this example was alsoproduced in a right hand drive configuration, making it truly one of the rarestnew cars on the road today.

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