Here’s 10 Minutes Of Supercar Drivers And Cops Facing Off In Monaco


Pulling a smoky burnout right in front of an officer who told you to cool it is not exactly how you avoid a ticket.

As much as those of us living in the free world like to think that everyone is equal, the fact of the matter is that that’s not true. Thanks to the spoils of capitalism, those with lots of money tend to have a higher degree of freedom to than those without, and that privilege extends to how the law deals with the rule breakers. Unfortunately for these wealthy supercar owners, the police in Monaco aren’t as easily swayed by glitz and glamour. Like Cannes or Ibiza before Avicii made it cool, Monaco is a playground for the ultra wealthy.

Not the kind who’ve worked hard and bought a mansion in the hills and a 911 for the surrounding roads. No, these are the type who wake up one morning and decide to charter a private jet to the small city-state to go on a six figure shopping spree.

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Captured here on camera is what ends up being a dose of hilarity and humanity between police who tell drivers to keep it down and supercar owners who have hardly had to deal with being told the word “no” in their lives. Some supercar owners listen and keep the exhaust note-rich revs and smoky launches down the famous tunnel under the Fairmont Hotel to a minimum. Others, as is notably exemplified by a red Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, heed no warning and instead proceed to fill the cops’ personal space with tire smoke and decibels by the dozen.

This is hooliganry at its finest, just be sure to head the standard disclaimer we must give and forgo trying this in your local tunnels.