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Here’s a BMW X3 Pickup We Never Thought We’d See


Crossover can now haul small trees.

For reasons unknown, BMW tasked engineering students from Clemson University with creating a pickup derivation of the X3. But not just any old pickup: the vehicle had to be capable of hauling potted orange trees in the back without sacrificing the BMW’s renowned luxury, ride and performance. Any part used in the build had to be BMW-approved, while the student team also had to devise a low-cost manufacturing plan that would enable 5,000 units to be built at a cost of $8,000 or less than a stock X3.

The one-off open-bed 3er, dubbed Deep Orange 4, comes with a sloped roofline, a new tailgate and a power-retractable glass rear window. A split side tailgate allows access to the cargo bed. According to the grad students’ calculations, the concept would cost BMW $10.2 million to build.

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