Here’s A Close-Up Shot Of The New Toyota Supra—And Some Bad News

Spy Shots

Another day, another peek at Toyota’s next sports car—this time, up close.

News of Toyota’s new, reborn Supra sports car has been leaking out quicker than water through a sieve. And there's been no shortage of spy shots to give us a peek here and a look there before the car's official reveal. Late last week, we put together a quick summary of all we knew about Toyota’s new sports car. But, between the time we scheduled that piece and it actually went online, two more developments have come to the surface regarding Toyota's most anticipated car in years.

The first addition to the Supra saga is the image you see here, originally posted to the forum. Peering beyond its swirly camouflage, we can easily see its headlights—shown in previous shots and renders—are inspired by the Supra of old. Below those pretty eyes, it seems Supra will also gobble up many cubic feet of atmosphere though its large, functional air intakes built into the lower fascia. Filling the wheel wells are a set of 18- or 19-inch 5-bolt rounders wrapped in what could be Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, but we aren’t 100-percent confident on that last bit. Further back and aft of its doors, Supra appears to wear faux rear brake vents ahead of the rear wheel well. It looks filled with plastic to us, but your guess is as good as ours.

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The second and probably more depressing news is this: a street-legal Supra may not arrive in Geneva after all. According to Motor Trend, which deciphered the Japanese text in Best Car Magazine, “Toyota only plans to show off a GTE-class racing version of the Supra at the Geneva Motor Show. The road car, on the other hand, won’t debut until the New York auto show at the end of next month.” That’s bad news for our Geneva-bound Jay Traugott, but good news for me. I’ll see you in New York, Mr. Supra. For more details on the Supra, check out our run-down of it and the BMW Z4 published earlier today.