Here's A First Look At The Insane 700-HP Brabham BT62 Supercar


New technical details have also been revealed. Move over McLaren Senna?

Just last week, we reported that renowned racecar constructor Brabham was making a comeback with a new road-going supercar. Called the BT62, the road legal, Le Mans-style supercar will be unveiled on May 2nd before being shown to the public at a prestigious London event on May 5 and 6. Details were scarce at the time, but Brabham has released new technical details as well as a teaser photo giving us a first glimpse of the BT62's derriere.

The image focuses on the rear of the “low-slung, race-inspired car,” showcasing its dramatic LED taillights and an extreme-looking carbon wing hinting at its performance prowess. The McLaren Senna may find a serious new rival in the BT62. Brabham says its car is “capable of setting blistering lap times” and is “designed and engineered to demand more from the driver and reward the limited few who will rise to its challenge.” Power will be provided by a naturally aspirated 5.4-liter V8 engine delivering 700 horsepower. The BT62 also boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 672 hp per ton, a dry weight of just 2,143 pounds, and wears a body that produces over 2,645 pounds of downforce.

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For comparison, the McLaren Senna produces 2,204 pounds of downforce. Six-piston carbon brakes at the front and rear lifted from Formula One will also save additional weight and help boost performance. Production for the extreme supercar will be limited to just 70 examples, a nod to when Sir Jack Brabham launched his racing career 70 years ago in Australia in 1948. Despite its $1.4 million price tag (and that’s before you start adding options), Brabham says it has already received orders for the BT62. Deliveries are expected to start later this year, and the lucky owners will be eligible to join a Brabham driver-development program to help unlock the potential of the track-focused supercar.