Here's A First Look At The Insane Rides From The New Mad Max Movie

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And you thought your buggy was king of the desert.

We saw plenty of amazing off-roaders in the trailer for "Mad Max: Fury Road." Now, Car and Driver has a detailed look at some of the amazing cars from the film. Yes it's just concept art, but this is the first time we've seen some of the film's most insane cars up close. There are a few Fords, a Plymouth, a Beetle and even an old Fargo truck (Google it). Japanese cars apparently don't exist in George Miller's dystopian future. It's probably for the best. Could a Civic really handle the desert?

The insane modifications were done to make the cars look good and so that they would survive the stunts they had to perform. A few of each car was built so that shooting could continue in the event of a breakdown. Most of the insane driving in the film is real, with CGI used sparingly. If that won't get you into the theater come May 15 then nothing will.

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