Here's A First Look Inside The Next-Generation Mercedes S-Class

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We've spied the new Mercedes S-Class inside and out.

Whenever Mercedes unveils a new S-Class, it invariably sets new standards in the luxury car segment thanks to its futuristic tech, and we have no doubt the new next-generation model will continue that tradition. The current S-Class was unveiled over five years ago and was given a mid-cycle refresh in 2017. Work is already underway for the next-generation S-Class, slated to arrive in 2020. Our spies have snapped some photos of a prototype both inside and out, giving us a first look inside the opulent cabin.


Admittedly, a lot of the interior is covered up by camouflage, but it still gives us an idea how the layout could look in the future production model. There's a massive digital display, which interestingly isn't joined by the infotainment screen on the center console. The central air vents are also mounted high on the dashboard, but this could change in the production model. There's also a large panoramic roof allowing rear seat passengers to gaze at the sky. In a recent interview, Mercedes said we can expect the new S-Class to feature significantly more touch technology with a new dashboard layout mimicking the Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept.

That means there will likely be two wide glass panels that share the same background to make the display look more unified. The choice of ambient light colors will also be greatly expanded. Other than that, very little is currently known about the new Mercedes S-Class. The current model's long list of advanced assists took self-driving technology to the next level, which will no doubt be further improved in the next-generation and possibly offer Level 3, hands-free, driving for the first time. As for powertrains, most engines will either be a 3.0-liter inline-six or a 4.0-liter V8 with some form of electrification, either with mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology.


Mercedes has already ruled out an all-electric S-Class, but there will be a separate fully electric sedan as part of its EQ range.


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