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Here's A List Of Every Model Aston Martin Will Debut Up Until 2020

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SUVs, refreshed coupes and Volantes, more supercars, and plenty of AMR-branded examples.

Some good samaritan has laced the water near Aston Martin's headquarters with some sort of drug that exacerbates motivation because if all the tough talk the automaker been spewing is to be believed, then the company is about to launch a harpoon at every upscale luxury auto brand from Bentley to Ferrari. We've heard about how Aston Martin plans to amplify its market presence by also amplifying its production capabilities, but thanks to what Car and Driver has uncovered, we now know what to expect.

After a variety of talks with high ranking Aston Martin executives including CEO Andy Palmer, Car and Driver has compiled a list of each model we can expect to see from now until 2020. Before the New Year sets in, we can expect to see the Vantage and Rapide AMR models that we just saw at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, which will be followed by and AMR-branded Vantage as a last ditch attempt to bolster sales before its replacement comes in. The Vantage AMR will be available with a V12 or a V8. There will also be a continuation of the DB4 GT coming to market as well as a V8 version of the current DB11 to introduce the AMG engine Aston Martin is borrowing from Mercedes.

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Come 2018, the model range will see the introduction of the new Vantage using the AMG-derived twin-turbo V8 as well as Mercedes' electronic architecture. This will compliment an open-top DB11 Volante along with a new version of the range-topping Vanquish, which will get Aston Martin's own twin-turbo V12. One of those cars, likely the DB11 coupe, will see an AMR model come to fruition. Things will heat up further in 2019 when Aston Martin reveals two of its most important models yet, the DBX SUV and the Valkyrie. The two cars will cement the automaker's position as a versatile luxury manufacturer that can make cars oriented for comfort and utility as well as world-beating track cars.

The DBX will carry over the AMG V8 while sales will be supplemented by more AMR models. The year 2020 will be one of the more interesting for enthusiasts because it is around this time that Aston Martin hopes to debut a lesser version of the Valkyrie to compete with the Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 720S. Things get a bit more hazy by 2021 since the reveals we'll see by this point in time will depend on how well its previous models have been received. If things go well, we could see Aston's first attempt at competing with Rolls-Royce and Bentley, likely honed using the lessons learned in crafting the Lagonda. Not like we were planning on it, but it seems that there are plenty of reasons to keep from sleeping on Aston Martin in the coming years.