Here's Another Bandit Trans Am That Could Be Worth $450,000

Aging actor hopes lightning strikes twice in second auction.

Burt Reynolds last made car news when his “Smoky and theBandit” Trans Am sold for an impressive $450,000. That apparently served asmotivation for Reynolds as he is back with another Trans Am for sale. Now thefirst Pontiac was the original (promotional) car from the film, which makes this one a mereclone. Still, it’s an exact replica of the Bandit’s Trans Am and comes withReynolds' signature along with some other cool extras.

Those cool extras include a signed hat, a retro jacket andthe official title from the Florida DMV that shows Reynolds' as the formerowner. This may not move the needle for you, but die-hard fans of the actor willlikely pounce at the chance to own another one of his cars. The Bandit Trans Am will be going up for sale soon and isreportedly one of the last cars the actor will be auctioning off. Hopefullythis time the trunk will come filled with signed 30 packs of Coors.

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