Here's Another Far-fetched Rumor About A New Top Gear Cohost

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Would you watch the show if this F1 driver was a presenter?

After the traumatic experience of Jeremy Clarkson's "Top Gear" firing and Chris Evans gaining the reigns to one of the best automotive television shows ever created, we knew that there would be a lot of rumors about what was going to happen next. According to the Daily Mail, Jenson Button-yes, the McLaren Honda F1 Driver-is currently in the running to join the show as a presenter. A source claims that "an announcement is imminent." Button's F1 season has been dreadful, but the Brit hasn't expressed any interest in leaving the sport.

Button is said to be friends with Evans and actually appeared on the show twice when Clarkson was still running things. With his F1 car being dreadfully slow and unreliable, anything is possible. Button would bring a breath of fresh air and his incredible driving capabilities with him, which would make the show more entertaining. But we're not sure if he would be our first choice as a presenter. As with all rumors, take this one with a large helping of salt.

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