Here's Another Genius Offroading In A Lamborghini

Are these owners onto something?

Lamborghinis aren’t meant to go off-roading with, but thatdidn’t stop this owner from taking a Huracan for a few donuts in some sand anddirt. This isn’t nearly as bad as the off-roading Lamborghini Aventador we sawa while ago, but it’s still a luducrious idea that is only reserved for the fewthat have enough money to purchase a Lamborghini and guts to go off-roading inthe vehicle. This isn’t something we’d do in a Lamborghini, but we have toapplaud the driver for having some serious guts to do this.

It’s only a little bit of sand and dirt, but this looks likeloads of fun. Who would’ve known that off-roading supercars would be a thing?

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