Here's Another Reason To Love The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT


It all comes down to one feature.

Although there are some cases in which it doesn’t seem toouseful, launch control is almost undeniably one of the coolest features of high-performance vehicles. Whether it’s being used to aid the Nissan GT-R’s alreadyamazing acceleration or helping the Lamborghini Aventador in drag races, launchcontrol is an excellent way to avoid spinning your wheels while alsoreducing the chance of damage to your transmission or clutch.A lesser-known fact is that there’s a Jeep that has ittoo, and it’s just as thrilling in action as it is on supercars.

In 2013, Jeep announced that the 2014 model year GrandCherokee SRT would come standard with launch control. The unique thing aboutJeep’s launch control is that it is still successful in providing rapidacceleration despite being featured on a fairly heavy vehicle. The new 2016Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT continues this fantastic trend. It makes power from abeastly 6.4-liter V8, putting out 475 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. Official pricing for the Grand Cherokee SRT (non-Hellcat version) has yet to be released. It's expected to be close to last year, though, when the launch control-touting monster had a base priceof $65,490. It’ll get you from a full stop to 60 mph in under 4.6 seconds.

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Credit goes to the YouTube channel “Cars Compilations”for putting together this jaw-dropping display of brutal exhaust notes andrapid acceleration.