Here's Another Reason To Wait For A Shelby GT350 Mustang

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Base-model becomes even more hardcore.

As some of the most capable and potent muscle cars ever made, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R are going for an insane amount of money. But, as with the majority of special edition cars, it's better to wait one model year before purchasing one. Why might you ask? Automakers continuously update their cars and tack on new features, which is exactly what Ford is doing with the 2017 Shelby GT350. While enthusiasts have had to choose between the Track Package and Technology Package, Ford plans to change this for 2017.

Enthusiasts looking to take their Shelby GT350 to the track would obviously tick off the box for the $6,500 Track Package, instead of the $7,500 Technology Package. Well here's some good news for enthusiasts that waited to get the muscle car, because Mustang6G reports that Ford will make this year's Track Package part of the car's standard equipment list for 2017. If this rumor is true, the base Shelby GT350 would come with MagneRide suspension, upgraded transmission cooling, an aluminum strut tower brace and upgraded differential cooling as standard, making it track ready right from the dealership.

Mustang6G also reports that the larger trunklid spoiler from the Shelby GT350R will come as standard on the base Shelby GT350. If true, it's set to become even more of an animal and a better performance bargain. The gap between the two high-performance vehicles will also be a lot smaller than originally planned, which would be a good thing for enthusiasts on a budget. While all of this is good news, there's no word on whether these changes will increase the Shelby GT350's price tag.

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