Here's Another Stunning C8 Corvette Rendering For Your Viewing Pleasure

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It's been an interesting past few days regarding the upcoming C8 Chevrolet Corvette. Perhaps no previous generation of America's sports car has generated this amount of buzz prior to launch. Reason being, of course, is the fact the C8 will be the first mid-engined production Corvette in the car's 65-year history. From the C1 to the C7, all have been front engined. That's about to change come early 2019 when the C8 Corvette is slated to debut.

For those familiar with Corvette history, the "Father of the Corvette", Zora Arkus-Duntov, the Corvette's longtime engineer from the early 1960s until his retirement from GM in 1975, had long championed a switch from a front to a mid-engine setup in order to maximize not only performance but also handling. His wish is finally being granted.

Not surprisingly, there's been a rumor for some time now that there will be an ultra-high performance version of the C8 called the "Zora". And lo and behold, that C8 variant is the subject of this latest rendering. Unlike the rendered C8 from the other day, this one, courtesy of AllCarNews on Instagram, features a large rear wing and a more prominent hood exhaust opening.

Remember, sources have indicated there will be more than one engine offered in the C8. To start things off, the C8 will likely come powered by an updated version of the current LT1 V8 rated at 500 hp, give or take. Eventually, the new Cadillac CT6 V-Sport's 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 with around 550 hp will be made available.

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Still not impressed with those outputs? No problem, we've also learned GM is developing a new 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8 with upwards of 600 hp. A pair of turbos will also be added, good enough for 800 hp. Apparently, Chevrolet doesn't believe that to be enough, hence the decision to combine that latter engine with a front-mounted electric motor for a total output of 1,000 hp.

Bear in mind this is a multi-year plan for the C8, so don't expect 800-1,000 hp immediately. But if that 1,000-hp C8 looks anything like this sleek rendering, massive rear wing and all, we'll be more than satisfied.

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