Here's Definitive Proof BMW Will Offer All-Wheel Drive On Next-Generation M5

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M5 owners will soon find driving in the snow a whole lot easier.

After years of speculation, BMW finally confirmed recently the next-generation M5 will be offered with AWD. Just in case you were in any doubt as to the veracity of these claims, our intrepid spy photographer has just sent us in these snaps of a BMW M5 with all-wheel drive. Having seen the car drifting on an ice track, our sharp shooter spotted all four wheels were spinning, so when the car parked up for lunch, he went for a closer inspection. From the shot of the undercarriage, you can see a driveshaft at the front wheels.

Despite featuring on the current F10 BMW M5, this is almost certainly just a prototype for the next-generation M5 and M6. The next-generation 5 Series, codenamed G30, on which the new M5 will be based is set to debut next year, and when the super sedan arrives an M5 xDrive will be offered as an option. M division chief Franciscus van Meel has confirmed the next M5/M6 won't adapt a pure 50:50 four-wheel drive system. Instead they'll feature a rear-biased setup to guarantee performance driving characteristics. Aside from the next M5/M6 being more all-weather capable, having power going to all four wheels is also necessary because of the additional torque and horsepower.

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