Here's Everything We Know About The BMW 8 Series

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What we can guarantee is that it won't be cheap.

After just learning that BMW has effectively ended production of the 6 Series coupe, the attention will now go towards its replacement, the reborn 8 Series. This is the car that BMW denied it would build back in 2013, but, lo and behold, the automaker has changed its mind. We've seen spy shots and heard several rumors about what's in store for the new luxury coupe, but we figured it was time to compile everything we know so far.

First off, the 6 Series name will live on, but the nameplate will be carried over to the Gran Turismo body style, as in the former 5 Series Gran Turismo will be the new 6 Series. But it's the 8 Series that'll be the true 6 Series successor. While the outgoing 6 Series competed against the Audi S5 and Mercedes-Benz SL, the 8 Series will aim even higher, targeting the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe and the new Lexus LC. It'll more than likely be offered as both a coupe and convertible. A range of engines will be on offer, including the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 that powers the new 7 Series. A V12, borrowed from Rolls-Royce, is also certainly possible.

Speaking of which, the 8 Series, in many ways, will be the coupe version of the 7 Series. Aside from sharing some engines and a platform engineered from the get-go for hybrid and plug-in hybrid tech, it wouldn't be unwise to guess the 8 Series will continue with the 7's carbon core body that's fused together with steel and aluminum. An M Sport Package is a near certainty, but we still don't know for sure whether an M8 is in the pipeline. Overall exterior styling language will resemble both the 5 and 7 Series, but because this is expected to be the brand's flagship, designers have been tasked with giving the car its own unique styling traits.

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The interior will be a showcase for all of BMW's latest gadgets, including updated versions of gesture control, Touch Command, a head-up display and iDrive. Safety technology will also be in abundance, and we wouldn't be shocked to learn that all 8 Series will come standard with semi-autonomous tech. Pricing? No crap this thing is going to be expensive. Considering the 7 Series only begins at over $80,000, don't be surprised for the 8 Series to start at around $100,000. Its debut is still some time away, but a good guess will either be Frankfurt this September or Geneva next March.

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