Here's Everything You Need To Know About The All-New BMW 5 Series

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Fun fact, it might just bring back some sportiness to the mix.

Lamentably, the BMW 5 Series that surfed the area between sport and luxury so elegantly is now the 5 Series that was. As the last generation F10 proved to us, when BMW broke the 5 Series out of the E chassis era, it went soft and now, well, it's practically a 7 Series that's been hit with a shrink ray on low settings. Or is it? The F10 has been reprimanded by enthusiasts for its weight gain and focus on comfort, but is the new version any better?

As far as we can tell, the G30 is just as (if not more) intent on killing the competition with kindness than with performance.

But the sleeker and more muscular body tells another story. Sure, this new 5 Series looks to be slated to be one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market, but part of that new innovation has gone into lightening up the car. Not such a bad deal anymore, especially since there will likely be another weight cut when it comes time to debut the M5. Still, while we wait for the M division to tinker with the G30, we can at least enjoy the fact that the new 5 Series should bring luxury that was once reserved for the 1 percent down to more attainable levels. The new 5 Series is stuffed so full of tech that it might as well be a watch calculator. Geeky as that may be, it's not as bad as this spokesman who likes to pronounce things strangely.

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