Here’s Further Proof That Jaguar Should Stop Playing And Build The C-X75

Designing a car as epic as this only to not build it is a waste of human imagination.

Loving cars is a hot and cold relationship. Amazing cars like the Jaguar C-X75 are brought into the world and excited fans rise up in celebration. Then we learn they will never see production and everyone comes crashing down from their highs. These kinds of ups and downs are hard to process thoroughly. They’re like those dreams of having a dream garage or celebrity makeout sessions that are abruptly ended by a rude alarm clock. Yes, that was a roundabout way of saying we wish the C-X75 went into production.

To help get over that missed opportunity here is a proper send-off for the C-X75 full of revs, pops, and burbles. Listen to the Jaguar's 5.0-liter supercharged V8 sing its tribal song.

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