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Here’s How BMW Could Make The X7 More Rugged

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It’s the little things that add up.

In case you haven't heard, BMW has lost its mind. Or rather, BMW's vocational trainees along with the company's Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions have lost their minds, because each party recently teamed up with the others to build a concept called the X7 Pickup. As its name implies, the X7 Pickup is little more than a version of BMW's range-topping SUV with the top half of its rear end chopped off and given a pickup bed, albeit one that's layered with polished wood because, well, it's still a BMW.

But according to some of the more artistically-inclined minds out there, the X7 Pickup had one big problem: it's kind of ugly, or perhaps just not as good-looking as it could be.

That's why, upon seeing the concept, rendering artist Rain Prisk pulled out their own design pen and got to work reimagining the X7 Pickup. Given that BMW's version looks like it's primarily been designed to exist within the margins of a paved road, Prisk thought they could make the X7 Pickup more palatable to the truck community by giving it a more rugged design.

Prisk started by cutting the X7 Pickup concept's rear two doors away to make the truck a single cab, repurposing the machine for maximum utility by stripping away its ability to cart occupants around in luxury. The magic of the X7, as we can see from Prisk's design, is that it already features certain design elements that make it look like an off-roader.

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That includes the metallic side accent that starts at the rear of the front wheel well and stops at the beginning of the rear well, since it's raised enough that it leaves a body-colored lip underneath it, making the X7 look like it has dark body cladding in the spirit of an Audi Allroad.

Moving rear, Prisk opens up the panel gap between the bed and the cab, making the X7 look more like a real truck, before keeping the rear end practically untouched (unlike BMW's own Pickup concept) aside from the missing rear body panels, the C-pillar-mounted lights, and the wing that stands on the edge of the cab's rear roof. Rounding off the look are chunky off-road tires and darkened rims to drive home the point that this X7 pickup truck is meant to get dirty, unlike most BMWs.