Here's How BMW Is Planning To Upgrade The M3 And M4 This Spring

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The competition is catching up.

BMW isn't about to let its M3 and M4 fall behind in any way. Despite some fresh competition lately from the likes of Cadillac and, in the very near future, Alfa Romeo, BMW is fully determined to remain the benchmark in this segment. After all, it literally created the high-performance luxury mid-size class with all of those earlier M3s. And now that the F80 M3/M4 are already a couple of years old, BMW figures it's about time for some performance updates.


According to BMW Blog, the German automaker will reveal the Competition Package for the M3, M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible models this March at Geneva. BMW M boss, Frank van Meel, confirmed the news in a recent interview. What to expect? "In addition to extensive measures to further enhance driving dynamics and agility, this package also comprises various exclusive equipment details as well as an increase in engine output," van Meel stated without revealing specific numbers. The standard M3/M4 deliver 425 and 431 hp, respectively, and the M4 GTS with that insanely cool water injection system has 500 hp. Figure the Competition Package to be in the 450-460 hp range. We'll learn more details in the coming weeks.

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