Here's How Chris Evans Is Spending His Time Post-Top Gear


Hey, nobody's perfect.

No doubt the pressure was high for Chris Evans to deliver as lead host of Top Gear. But, as we all know, things didn't work out and he left the famed BBC show earlier this month. He had his chance and he himself acknowledged that the show will be better off without him. So what's Chris Evans now doing with his newly freed up schedule? Well, it involves stopping on the side of the UK's M4 highway for a bathroom break and then drinking from a bottle of cognac. He's since had to deny that he has a drinking problem and that his marriage is in trouble.

A source told The Sunday Mirror that "Chris realized straight after he got out of the car he'd made a silly mistake and he's apologized. He does drink but he has not got a drink problem. It is ridiculous anyone should think that. He's just come back from a family holiday and is happier and more at ease than he's been in months. He's finally put behind him the ridiculous pressure heaped on his shoulders by critics of the show." Although Evans himself won't face any fines for his makeshift roadside toilet, the driver of the car could possibly face a fine and a point reduction on his license. Still though, one onlooker remarked that Evans looked to be in "very high spirits."

Evans has since apologized for the incident, stating that "Myself and several colleagues and friends had finished lunch in London and were travelling back to Berkshire in a private hire car. A journey that usually takes 45 minutes to an hour too almost twice that. My bladder could no longer take the strain and I had to go. I apologize if I caused any offence and take fully responsibility."

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