Here's How Drastically Drift Mode Alters The Mercedes-AMG E63 S

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Here's how Mercedes packs multiple cars into the skin of the AMG E63.

Mercedes has been incredibly intelligent in the way it's been setting up its cars as of late, making it so that there are seemingly no compromises to be had no matter what you pick. Those wanting a small car with tons of performance have the CLA 43 AMG to look forward to while fans of rugged off-roaders that look great at the country club can opt for a G-Class. Even the all-wheel drive AMG E63 S cuts down on the sacrifices of sending power to all four wheels thanks to a drift mode.

To show us how the system works, Piston Heads gets behind the wheel of one of the new Mercs and takes a corner at high speed with the all-wheel drive system on, pinning the throttle and committing sins that would put a rear-wheel drive car of the same caliber sideways.

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Instead the E-Class stays flat, with the all-wheel drive system sending power north to stay in control. And then it's time to show off drift mode, which is activated by putting the AMG in to "Race" mode, switching off the traction control, and using the paddles to confirm that you indeed do want to roast the tires. This step is seemingly put in place as a way to agree to the terms and conditions, acknowledging that no one at the Tri-Star is at fault if you happen to misuse all 603 horsepower and end up in a wall. One the procedure is done, it takes little to no effort to get the AMG E63 S sideways as our kind host does for our viewing pleasure.

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