Here's How Ford Cobbled Together The World Beating 600 HP Focus RS RX

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This is actually more of a masterpiece of precision engineering than a slightly modified RS.

We may be lusting over the Ford Focus RS after it's finally made a homecoming lap back in the USA, but over at Ford Performance, focus (no pun intended) has been on building Ken Block's Focus RS RX that helped propel the Hoonigan Racing Division to the first place podium. Responsible for the win, in part, was Block and his epic driving skills. However it's the engineers behind the car that made things happen behind the scenes, and the lifting their brains do rival the challenge Block had to overcome.

Thanks to this mini documentary by Ford Performance, we can get a bit of an idea about how these engineers do their thing. This may be the unsexy side of racing, full of computer models and complicated calculations, but it's this work that allows Block and Ford to push the limits.

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Aspiring engineers, certainly rally fans, and gearheads of all type should know a thing or two about the work that takes place in order to let podium finishes become a reality. The Focus RS RX may be no Bugatti Chiron, but the engineering work behind it is no less challenging. Any doubts about that can be contested by asking if a Bugatti Chiron would even make it to the end of a rally course intact. As impressed as we are with the tenacity of these awesome engineers, we're more envious of Block, who gets to enjoy the results of the hours of labor that go into these cars.

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