Here's How Honda Plans To Topple Toyota And Tesla's Green Car Dominance


The future is here.

If Tesla showed us a thing or two about the future of cars with the release of the Model X, it's that they wont exactly suck even if they are missing a traditional engine under the hood. Honda now wants to up its ante in the alternative fuel car game and is doing so by announcing the FCV, a new hydrogen fuel cell car to be unveiled at the Tokyo auto show on October 30th. Honda put the Toyota Mirai in its sights by claiming that its new water-spewing model will offer a range of 435 miles per fill-up.

This is twice as much as its current hydrogen offering, the FCX Clarity, and 165 miles more than the Toyota Mirai and the all-electric Model S. The FCV packs said hydrogen into a stack that is 33 percent smaller than FCX Clarity's, giving the car more interior space. Eco-conscious consumers who are impatient with EV recharge times may opt for the FCX because of its fuel-up time of five minutes. The car will be best for California drivers since the vast majority of the nation's hydrogen stations are in the Golden State. But Honda may follow Toyota's lead and build stations in Northeastern states. Do you think the FCV has a future? Let us know in the comments!

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