Here's How Lotus Could Help Volvo Under Chinese Rule

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It's really quite obvious.

Last week it was revealed that Lotus and its parent company, Proton, will be acquired by Geely, a Chinese automaker that also bought Volvo from Ford back in 2010. The Chinese acquisition, which will be finalized in July, had been rumored for quite some time, even though France's PSA Group was also interested in purchasing the UK sports car company – and for good reason. Lotus, as most of us surely know, is world famous for its chassis and suspension tuning knowledge.


Australia's Drive has now learned that Geely will very likely bring Lotus' abilities over to Volvo, specifically for the Polestar performance lineup. "I don't see any problem using their knowledge," stated Roger Wallgren, principal engineer of vehicle dynamics for the XC60. "I think it is pretty applicable all over the board. Lotus engineering is pretty big." At this point, mainly because the sale isn't 100 percent final just yet, Geely hasn't announced specific plans to bring Lotus and Volvo's Polestar together, but doing so would make complete sense. Geely has proven itself to be a responsible owner of Volvo, preferring to take a hands-off approach while providing financing to get things done.

It lets Volvo be Volvo, and the results clearly speak for themselves. Let's hope this management philosophy will continue with Lotus. And better yet, who wouldn't want to see more track-tuned Polestars? Why stop with the 2016 Nurburgring record-setting S60 Polestar? Let this be the beginning of a great Chinese-Swedish-English partnership.


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