Here's How Much Ford Makes On Every F-150 Sold

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For an automaker this is an insane amount of money.

Before we start talking numbers, know that the figures stated here aren't exact. Automotive News' Nick Bunkley, the man who did the math, says as much himself. So, for the real news: Ford apparently clears $13,333 per F-150 sold, according to a statement Ford CFO Bob Shanks made. A total of $1 billion was lost in North America during the first quarter of 2014. This was due to a 40-percent production drop of F-150 (60,000 less) and Edges (15,000 less).


According to Bunkley, and verified here, $1 billion divided by 75,000 is $13,333. Of course the figure isn't exact, but it may not be too far off. Note that the math doesn't take into account the fact there were four times as many F-150s as Edges not made, 60,000 compared to 15,000. No matter how the math shakes out, clearing $10,000 or north of it on every F Series sold is pretty damn incredible. Now the question we should be asking is this: Does Denis Leary get a raise?

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