Here's How Not To Drive A Jaguar F-Pace Up The Goodwood Hill

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Might take a while to buff those scuffs out.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is regarded around the world for many aspects, but none would surpass arguably the defining fixture of the four-day event: the hill climb route. Ever since the very first FoS, car makers, racing teams and private entrants have been hustling vehicles of all shapes and sizes up the 1.16-mile course, and it's by far the biggest crowd generator of the entire event. As a result, you can be guaranteed that that many hundreds of eyes will be on your car as it heads up the hill.

Although Jaguar may be very happy indeed that no one saw the incident one of its F-Pace was involved in. First, a bit of backstory. Jaguar decided it would be a terrific idea to drive the F-Pace up the Goodwood hill on two wheels to promote the new SUV. To control the car in this unusual way, stunt driver Terry Grant, the same Terry Grant of two-wheeled Nissan Juke fame, was brought on board. And, to Grant's credit, he did actually balance the F-Pace all the way up to the finish line. However, shortly afterwards things went wrong as the Jag turned over. No injuries were sustained, thankfully, but a lot of damage was done to the F-Pace.

A vast amount of it did appear to initially be cosmetic. The doors on the right hand side were caved in, for instance, with their door handles scuffed and the wing mirror somehow remaining attached to the car. Closer inspection did reveal that, somewhere underneath the bruised and battered bodyshell, there was potentially a swathe of issues that would need urgent mechanical attention. Not that you'd need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out, especially with the car billowing out smoke when the engine was running. As we said earlier, though, whilst we were sad to see the F-Pace in such a state we're glad that Terry Grant walked away from it unscathed. Tweets by Telegraph Cars (@tele_cars) and Jim Holder (@Jim_Holder).

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