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Here’s How Rimac Made The C_Two Hypercar ‘Richard Hammond-Proof’

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Rimac isn’t letting Richard Hammond forget about his Concept One crash in a hurry.

One of the standout reveals at this year's Geneva Motor Show was undoubtedly the 1,914-hp Rimac C_Two, a successor to the Concept One. Rimac's latest electric hypercar stole the show, boasting a mesmerizing, Tesla-beating 0-62 mph time of 1.85 seconds, a 258-mph top speed, and Level 4 autonomous technology. Rimac arguably has Richard Hammond to thank for generating vital publicity for the Croatian company after he crashed the Concept One at a hillclimb event in Switzerland while filming for The Grand Tour.

Despite the severity of the crash, he escaped relatively unharmed. The same couldn't be said for the car, which was destroyed after it burst into flames. Hammond faced constant ridicule over the accident from his co-hosts during the last season of The Grand Tour, and Rimac isn't going to let him forget his accident in a hurry either. As reported by DriveTribe, inside the C_Two is a safety feature inspired by Hammond's accident if you ever happen to roll the electric hypercar down a hill. A tailored fire extinguisher has been fitted to the rear engine bay, but a closer inspection reveals the leather security strap holding the emergency extinguisher is engraved with the following words: "In case of hillclimb, extinguish fire."

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Rimac has just set the new gold standard for trolling in the car industry right there. Hammond's response to Rimac's blatant ridiculing? "I'm delighted. I've always wanted to have a real influence in car design. And now I have," he told DriveTribe. Now it just gives Clarkson and May even more material to mock Hammond with when they eventually get behind the wheel of the C_Two in The Grand Tour.