Here's How Tesla's Recent Update Changes The Game


Other automakers should follow suit.

Tesla is fairly unique in the way that it can issue over the air updates and overnight, change the very nature of its line of cars. Other automakers don't have that same capacity and usually, it works to their detriment. Case in point, when hackers demonstrated that they could tamper with the computers of a Jeep Cherokee and bring it to a stop, FCA issued a recall for over 1.4 million vehicles to fix the computer access point. This is obviously a huge headache to owners who have better things to do with their time than wait for that.

On the other hand, Tesla does things a bit differently. A team of hackers recently proved that Tesla's computers were vulnerable as well, but instead of issuing a recall, Tesla simply wrote up a software patch and beamed it to its new cars.

Now, following a fatal crash at the hands of Autopilot as well as the usual industry trend to update vehicles, Tesla has just issued an over the air update that changes how the car itself works. Some of these changes affect only the aesthetics of the system, but others, like the update to Autopilot, alter the functionality. To see just what's different, Wired gets behind the wheel of an updated Model S to vet the new system and see if the upgrade is really that much better than the previous software.

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