Here's How The Aston Martin DB11 Is So Aerodynamic Without Looking Ugly


Each inch of the exterior was designed to cut drag.

Recently, Aston Martin released a video showing how the “Aeroblade” on the DB11 works. That video gave insight into how the grand tourer manages to create the downforce necessary for it to stick to the ground at high speeds. While the video was informative it didn’t address the car’s design as a whole, namely how it’s so aerodynamic without looking ugly. From the surface the DB11 looks like it was designed with function following form. This clip proves otherwise, though, highlighting key design elements that allow the DB11 to slip through the air.

With the help of some smoke the painstaking details behind the DB11’s aerodynamic design are revealed. From the hood to the mirrors, every bit of the GT car was shaped with the goal of reducing the overall drag coefficient.

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Of course Aston Martin saves some time to talk about the Aeroblade, showing it deployed and “eradicating” downwash. We’ll be honest: When deployed the spoiler looks a bit odd. Its design isn't very elegant or inspired. It's perhaps the one bit on the DB11 where form takes a back seat to function. Still, it looks better than a decklid spoiler or large wing would have. Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think.