Here's How The Ferrari 488 GTB Spider Was Drastically Altered From The Coupe

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Thankfully it's just as fun to drive.

Ferrari doesn't have to work very hard to appeal to a wide range of people, but it does have to constantly toil in order to ensure that its cars are suitable for a wide range of customers. Take someone like Michael Schumacher for example. The retired Formula 1 champ has a sweet tooth for Ferraris and is sure to be the type of person to care about lap times and the like. On the other hand, Ferrari owners also include the Kardashians.

As you can imagine, the purchases were likely made under much different pretenses. For those more concerned with looks and experience rather than lap times, Ferrari has just the car.

Enter the 488 GTB Spider, what's little more than a 488 GTB coupe with its roof chopped off. However the loss of the roof actually turns out to be the loss of structural rigidity and the subsequent addition of weight in the form of chassis reinforcements and the mechanisms to raise and lower the top. Still, Ferrari's engineers know what they're doing and have worked around the clock to ensure that the damage is minimized. To make sure, Motor Trend takes a stunning blue 488 GTB Spider out for a drive.

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