Here's How The Internet Freaked Out About A Fake 'Leak' Of The Giulia Wagon

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Don't believe everything you see on the Internet.

Sometimes, you want something so badly that when the very first signs of its existence emerge, you jump the gun and get too excited, planning out a future with it before it's even announced. This happens with budding relationships when one party is moving a bit too fast and, as we've just learned today, it happens to excited car fans. This particular story started when an image that was supposedly leaked from Alfa Romeo hit various automotive Facebook pages.

The picture depicted the rear end of a Giulia wagon and was purported to be a leaked image straight from Alfa Romeo itself. The Internet went ablaze, with Autocar, CarThrottle, Auto Evolution, and more snapping it up and writing the story as if Alfa Romeo had been caught red handed with an estate car. A wagon version of the Giulia is something the automotive community wants badly, partly because enthusiasts love having SUV utility and car-like handling in one package and partially because anything that comes from Alfa Romeo seems to have the looks of Adonis. It makes sense that Alfa Romeo makes a wagon too because while it may not be a hot seller in the US, European buyers intelligently snap them up.

Given that the well-made and highly flexible Giorgio platform could easily be used for a wagon, it made sense in the minds of journalists that Alfa Romeo was finally ready to unveil the Giulia Sportwagon, as it's rumored to be called. However, Auto Evolution did some research and found that the picture was nothing more than an image of a 2013 Jaguar XF Sportbrake modified by covering its fenders with the Alfa Romeo's rear haunches. Sadness ensued because the prospect of an Alfa Romeo wagon in the US was tossed back to the winds of uncertainty. Go back to praying and remember, not everything you see on the Internet is true. Lead image by Alessandro Massera.


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