Here's How The Internet Put A Penis On Ferrari's F1 Car

Finally, a reason to follow Formula One.

Ferrari just got trolled hard by the Internet at the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix. The company put out a call to its Facebook fans to help it create a photo mosaic UPS logo that would go on its SF15-T racer when it hit the track in Shanghai. The photos were made up of profile pictures, and one fan had “dick butt” as a photo. Yes, dick butt is exactly what it sounds like. The gaffe was discovered by a redditor, and once you’ve seen the image it cannot be unseen.

As you might have expected UPS quickly learned about the combination penis-buttocks on its logo and promptly removed it from the company Facebook page. However, the mosaic was also on the car itself, and while it’s probably long gone the photos of it will live forever. Yes it’s childish, but seeing a smiling Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen holding up a picture of dick butt is still pretty damn funny. Finally, a reason to pay attention to F1.

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