Here's How The Jaguar E-Pace Performed A Perfect Barrel Roll


It took six months of meticulous planning to perform a stunt that lasted 1.5 seconds.

Jaguar doesn’t do conventional reveals for its SUVs. When the F-Pace made its debut, the SUV arrived in style with a spectacular record-setting loop the loop. The new E-Pace is an important model for Jaguar, so to give it a memorable entrance into the compact SUV segment stunt driver Terry Grant set another record by performing a perilous barrel roll at London’s ExCeL in a stunt reminiscent of the famous corkscrew jump in the 1974 James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun.

A new behind the scenes video by Jaguar gives us an insight into how the ambitious stunt was achieved. It’s incredible to think that a stunt lasting 1.5 seconds took six months of meticulous planning from start to finish. To ensure the E-Pace landed the 270-degree, 15.3-meter long barrel roll successfully, the stunt was initially simulated using computer data.

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A modified E-Pace fitted with a rollcage then withstood 33 test jumps, which is a testament to its structural integrity. It took a whopping 756 hours of engineering simulation time to prepare for the daring stunt, which required a 160-meter run-up and a 42 mph launch speed. Jaguar says there was less than a 10 millimeter margin for error, despite the ramp measuring 15 meters long. During the stunt, Grant experienced up to 5.5 Gs of G-force which is more than a Formula One car. Viewed by one million people online, the successful barrel roll set a new Guinness World Record for the furthest barrel roll in a production car. Question is, how will Jaguar up the ante for the reveal of the upcoming Tesla-rivalling electric I-Pace?