Here’s How The Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Should Have Looked

The Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury has been transformed into a proper SUV – and the result is a considerable improvement.

At the Beijing Auto Show, Maybach revealed the Ultimate Luxury SUV concept. Blending the body of an SUV with the styling of a sedan with questionable results, the concept's looks are polarizing to say the least. Its strange shape has inspired a render artist to give it a redesign - and the result is a considerable improvement. Jan Peisert of Peisert Design has transformed the peculiar concept into a proper luxury SUV by replacing its notchback rear-end with a more traditional SUV style.

The SUV’s greenhouse has been left unaltered, however. As a result, the Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury now looks like a true competitor to the likes of the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. The concept’s red finish has also been replaced with a silver paintjob, and conventional side mirrors have been added to make the SUV look more production-ready.

While the styling is an acquired taste, the Maybach Vision concept’s claimed performance is definitely appealing. A fully electric powertrain with four electric motors produce a total of 738 horsepower, while the 80-kilowatt-hour battery has an estimated range of over 200 miles on a single charge. A fast-charging system would allow it to be recharged up to about 60 miles in just five minutes. It’s probably a good thing that Maybach isn’t planning to put the Vision Ultimate Luxury into production. Instead, we’re more likely to see a Maybach SUV based on the next-generation Mercedes GLS, which would look more like a conventional SUV.

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