Here's How To Convince Your Wife It's Time For A New Sports Car

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These tips are guaranteed to get her to at least say "maybe."

One of the toughest things a gearhead will ever have to do is convince his wife that it's time for a new sports car. Certain things stop being necessities once specific milestones are reached in life. Pricey sports cars fall off the radar sometime after "marriage" and definitely after "mortgage" and "kids." However, the heart wants what it wants, despite how irrational that may be. Luckily, we have some tips on how to win your wife over and get the sports car of your dreams.

Tip No. 1: Frame your new sports car as an investment for the future. Husbands who got their wives to let them buy an air-cooled Porsche all those years ago now have a potential gold mine sitting in their garages. Of course not every sports car for sale today is a contemporary classic. You'll need to be smart about which one you select. For example, the upcoming BMW M2 is good, but a much better choice is the 1 Series M Coupe. The reason being is that only 740 units of the latter were brought to the US. We don't know how many M2s will be made, but it's possible BMW will be pumping them out for a long while.

Tip No. 2: Make it a gift for her. This is classic reverse psychology, folks. Buying yourself a pricey sports car will rightfully piss your wife off. But, how mad can she get at a thoughtful gift all for her? Hell, she may even find that she likes driving her new Jaguar F-Type R (dream big) more than the boring old SUV parked in the driveway. To ensure this plan is foolproof, make it an anniversary or birthday gift. Those are two occasions where re-gifting/rejecting gifts is a big no-no.

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Tip No. 3: Add two more doors. Okay, so maybe a two-door sports car is out of the question due to price or just the fact that it's a stupid purchase at this point in your life. However, what about a car that's fun to drive and has four doors? Yeah, it's not really a sports car but it'll tick off all the necessary boxes and your wife won't hate you for wanting it. The Alfa Romeo 4C won't work for hauling the kids around and making grocery runs, but the Giulia QV can do that and packs 503 horsepower. Yeah, the Mustang GT350R is a bit too crazy a buy but the Focus RS is a five-door hatch that you can hoon! In marriage, compromise is key.

Tip No. 4: Just go for it. If none of the above work, just got for it and buy the sports car you've been dying for. What's the worst that can happen? Your wife tells you to return it, that's what. Yeah, going back to the dealership with your tail between your legs will suck, but at least you had a fleeting taste of glory. On the other side of the coin, your wife and kids might love the new ride. It's a longshot but if you're out of options this is the way to go.


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