Here's How To Detail A 200,000 Mile Car That's Never Been Washed

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This owner hasn't exactly proven that this car is his pride and joy, but it's not to late to make it look like it.

Rapper and a voice of 2000s hip hop once famously said "you ain't trickin' if you got it." That's referencing the fact that if you already have a significant other securely locked down then it doesn't matter you spend money on them or not, but unfortunately it doesn't apply to cars. Barring a few exceptions, if you own a car, whether nice or not, the only way to get respect from enthusiasts or any judgmental motorists is to spend the time and money and treat the car like you give a damn.

That means washing it, buying tires from non-obscure brands, and treating it with the respect it deserves. Those on a budget may not be able to afford a car from an owner who did that, so YouTube channel Gears and Gasoline went ahead and made this video outlining how to properly clean and detail a car that hasn't been cleaned for over a year.

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The Subaru Forester in question has 200,000 miles on it but hasn't been washed in over a year. Suffice it to say, the hardworking detailers at Automotive Aesthetic have their work cut out for them. If your car has seen a similar life as of late, you may want to pay attention to what the guys at AA do to this Forrester because the makeover is nothing short of impressive. Breaking it down into steps, AA starts out by giving it a full clean, washing and decontaminating it to take the crud off of the car. Next is to restore the parts that may need extra love. Third is to protect the vehicle so that the shine lasts. Heed the process and you'll end up with a show floor ready car.

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