Here's How To Get A $30,000 Discount On A New Jaguar F-Type


But there's always a catch.

The holiday shopping season is about to kick off and Jaguar apparently wants a piece of the action. More specifically, it's offering a huge (yuge!) discount, up to $30,000 in fact, on its gorgeous F-Type. According to Cars Direct, this discount is available on 2017 F-Types for the month of November, but Jaguar isn't exactly advertising this on its official website. Why's that? Is there a catch? Cars Direct states that "The offer is a form of dealer cash incentive.


"Like other promotion of this type, it's entirely up to the dealer whether or not to pass along some or all of the savings to prospective buyers. One of the conditions of this particular offer is that it can't be combined with promotional financing. As a result, the only shoppers eligible will be those paying cash or with the help of outside financing. Program bulletins indicate the largest potential savings is at the higher end of the spectrum. The SVR is eligible for $30,000, while the R and V6 are eligible for $20,000 and $10,000, respectively." Given all that, could it be possible to buy the base level V6 Type for around $50,000? After all, Cars Direct found a 2017 F-Type SVR Coupe with a $100,500 price tag instead of the normal $130,533.

Sorry to shatter your fun, but no. That entry-level F-Type V6 for $50k won't happen simply because most dealers have already sold them all for this year. When there's no inventory there's nothing to sell. But if you're in the market for, say, that SVR coupe, now's perhaps the best time to go for it, assuming you'd be paying cash and/or have great credit. This offer will be offered until January 2, 2018 and is limited to 2017 F-Types only.


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