Here's How To Get A Car To Run For Over 3 Million Miles

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As told by a man who has driven a Volvo 3 million miles.

Irv Gordon is the proud owner of a Volvo P1800 which he bought new back in 1966. This may not sound so special, but over the 50-year period that he has owned the car, Gordon has driven more than 62,000 miles per year on average. The 73-year old retired teacher now has a car with over 3 million miles on it. Gordon had some help from his Volvo technician, but getting a car to go for that many miles is no easy task. If you are wondering how you could get your car to run for millions of miles, Gordon has created a top 10 tips list in an interview with the Telegraph.

1. Tip one is an easy suggestion, start with a car that you love. Gordon says that, "If you don't like your car, you'll never go the distance." 2. Change the oil and filter every year or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. 3. Use factory equipment parts. 4. Use only one brand of oil. 5. Spend a few minutes each week checking under the hood. Look for low fluid and deteriorating belts/hoses. 6. Wash your car regularly and check for dings and scratches. 7. Wax your car twice per year to prevent oxidation. 8. Develop a good relationship with your dealership and mechanic.

9. Fill up the car at a busy gas station. Gas can be stored for long periods and degrade over time. 10. When your car makes a funny noise, don't ignore it. It could become a big problem later. If you follow these tips, and with a little bit of luck, perhaps your car will last for 3 million miles. Just keep in mind, the Volvo P1800 is a very special case, and some cars will just never be able to go this far.

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