Here's How To Get A FREE Uber Ride In A Mad Max Car


That's right. Free.

If you happen to be a resident of Seattle and in need of an awesome Uber, boy do we have something perfect for you. Thanks to a special collaboration between the rideshare app and the new Mad Max video game, Uber users in Seattle can now catch a lift in some insane post-apocalyptic Mad Max cars. All that app users need to do is open Uber in downtown Seattle and request "MAD MAX." If you're able to beat out hundreds of other users requesting a car, a Warboy will come and scoop you up for a ride around the city.

The trip vicinity is limited to downtown Seattle, otherwise referred to as the "Wasteland" Stronghold, according to Uber's press release. What's even more awesome about the promotion is that the rides are totally complimentary. So if you happen to be in Downtown Seattle today (Monday, August 31), make sure to catch a ride in a Warboy!

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