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Here's How To Install The Insanely Cool Drift Stick On The Ford Focus RS

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The mechanically inclined folks won't find this hard. The rest of us, well...

There's no question the new rally-inspired Drift Stick available for the Ford Focus RS is wicked cool. Because it comes straight from Ford Performance, no aftermarket assembly is required and bolts right into place. Not bad for only an extra $1,000 over the Focus RS' $41,995 base price. Thing is, not everyone can install the Drift Stick themselves, despite the fact it comes with instructions. Not to worry, your local Ford dealership can easily handle the task. But what if you wanted to give it a go yourself?

Could you install it at home? Of course, but it does require several steps, which are laid out in this new video courtesy of Ford. If you're mechanically inclined, the task is very simple. It requires some minor wrenching. But there's also some required wiring, and if you're not confident doing this yourself, it's best to hand it off to a trained pro.

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Really, it's not worth potentially damaging a fairly expensive car over this. Obviously the first step of this installation involves removing the standard handbrake. That's probably the easiest part. The rest involves placing the Drift Stick into place, reinstalling the emergency brake button, installing the seat bracket that has the ball stud, and latching it to the e-brake. After a few adjustments, it's time to run the wiring to the OBD port. Then you need to flash the ABS software on to the car. Sounds simple enough, right?