Here's How To Make Your Kid The Most Awesome Kid On The Street


This looks like the best way to misspend one's youth.

The kid whose tooth was removed with a little help from his dad's Camaro is no doubt still the coolest kid on his block. But if you don't want to go to such lengths to give your young one some street cred, Power Wheels has just the ticket. Introducing the Mad Max Power Wheels. These things are awesome for many reasons, including the functioning gun turret, dash-mounted pistol, front ramming blades, face-scorching exhaust pipes, bolt-action foam harpoon gun, dart gun cannon, twin dart blasters, and our personal favorite, the skull gear stick.

There are three Desert Drifters to choose from, all inspired by the upcoming Mad Max reboot. Christmas is a long way off, but you already know what to get.

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